Credit Cards

Credit cards accepted worldwide modafinil

To pay with credit cards you can pay directly at checkout by selecting “Credit cards” as the payment type.¬†



Alternatively, you can pay with Amazon e-Gift cards almost as easily by following these instructions:

Paying for your order using your credit card via Amazon e-Gift cards is simple. Follow the easy instructions below:

Step 1

Click HERE to go to Amazon to buy an e-gift card to pay for your order.

Step 2

  • Select “Standard” (A)

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Step 3

  • Enter the exact amount of your order total (B)
  • Select “Email” delivery (C)

Pay with Amazon e-gift cards

Step 4

Credit Cards

Step 5

  • For “Message”, enter your Order ID # and your e-mail address. (F)

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Step 6

  • Click “Buy Now” (G)

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Step 7

  • If you are already signed in to Amazon, you may not see this part. Instead, you’ll be sent directly to the Payment Selection page. (Step 8)
  • If you are NOT already signed in to Amazon, sign in here. (H)

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Step 8

  • Add a new credit card or Select an Existing credit card (I)
  • Click “Continue” (J)

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Step 9

Check that the details of your order are correct, and CONFIRM YOUR PURCHASE.

We will apply your payment to the order number you specified within 24 hours of receipt and notify you via e-mail.

If you have any questions please contact us here.